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    Founder and Director of HTD Pacific Development

    Real Estate

    Finding quality in the real estate market

    Tony fully understands just how rewarding the real estate industry can be. Begining his career in his early 20's, Tony Darvazeban worked on a multitude of renovation projects. He then worked his way up to complex projects in prominent areas of Vancouver and West Vancouver, Canada.


    Success in a leading industry

    Tony Darvazeban has taken the real estate industry by storm in the areas of real estate development and property management. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Tony has always taken the time to appreciate partnerships that open opportunities for growth and learning in the industry.

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    As a real estate entrepreneur, Tony Darvazeban is an expert in his field. Check out Tony's website with more information on his experience, knowledge, and talent in the real estate industry. Here you can find his blogs on real estate, entrepreneurship and more. Tony particularly writes about real estate within his city of Vancouver, B.C.!

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    Learn more about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Find best-kept secrets and tips from Tony Darvazeban on how you can be successful in your career. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. Take advice from Tony through his websites and his blogs!

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    June 15, 2018 · entrepreneurs,workplace,business,business development
    June 15, 2018 · entrepreneurs,business development,business
    June 15, 2018 · real estate,Canada,housing market,Homeownership
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    Tony presents a presentation on "The Top 5 Online Resources for Entrepreneurs" which includes websites, networks, and a list of influential Twitter accounts.

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  • Life in Vancouver

    Tony Darvazeban is a proud resident of Vancouver, British Columbia. As Canada's most ethnically diverse populations, Vancouver is thriving with arts, music, theaters, and more. This coastal city surrounded by mountains is a great passion of Tony's as you can see through his websites.

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